Timekeeping is a great way to work behind the scenes at Motorsport events

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Timekeeping is an essential element of most motorsport events, with the timekeeper’s role being to record competitors’ times and positions in order to determine the event results.

The tools used range from simple hand-held stopwatches to complex electronic timing systems that can accurately measure to the nearest thousandth of a second.

Timekeepers can begin training from the age of 16 and are eligible to qualify as fully licensed Timekeepers once they turn 18.

All training for Timekeepers is conducted via modular training programmes in accordance with Motorsport UK requirements; they begin as Trainee Timekeepers and subsequently undertake further modules to progress through the different grades and/or disciplines.

Gaynor Heath recently completed her timekeeper kart training with us, “in completing the training for my timekeeping licence upgrade I met both Ian Rogers and David Jones from Motorsport Timing UK. I found both to be extremely helpful and professional in developing the skills of the trainees that they were mentoring, while still being personable and friendly. They went the extra mile to ensure that understanding is practical and in-depth, arming the trainee with vital skills needed for the future. The training is not just a “book exercise” – Ian and David make sure that the trainee can actually do the job in real situations”.

As an organisation we believe in working closely with any trainees, making sure they understand both the hardware and software required for an event but crucially that the role is not about knowing which buttons to press but why the role is required, how important thorough preparation is pre event and then what backup systems they put in place depending on the type of event they are running.

Many of the trainees we work with often come to future events as a part of our timing team.

Become a timekeeper

Love motorsport but not so keen on spending the weekend out in the cold and rain?
Do you have an eye for detail?
Work well under pressure?
Communicate well with others and a genuine team player?
Driven to deliver the best possible customer experience?

If this is you and you want to learn new skills then becoming a timekeeper may well be for you, this is an opportunity to work behind the scenes at race events and be an important part of making these events successful – we are happy to offer taster days for aspiring timekeepers should you want the experience before becoming a trainee with us.

Interested in becoming a timekeeper or joining our team?

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