With decades of industry experience and close relationships with sports timing technology leaders, we’ve handpicked the best tools for the job.

With decades of industry experience and close relationships with sports timing technology leaders, we’ve handpicked the best tools for the job. Whether it’s the APEX timing software supplying TV Streaming Graphics and clean live results or the reliability of the TAG Heuer by Chronelec LS Transponders, we only use products that are loved by timekeepers and competitors alike.


Uniquely identifies participants’ race times by fitting a transponder to your competitors. Motorsport Timing UK has years of experience working with TAG Heuer and MyLaps transponder systems.


The core timing system and the computer that reads the transponders. Multiple remote decoders can be placed around the circuit to provide split and sector times as well as speed traps.


Where the transponder identifies the competitor over the finish line, the photocell is used to measure that passing time to 1,000th of a second. A time stamp for the competitor is also generated even if no transponder is attached to the vehicle.

Photofinish Cameras

Captures close finishes and creates a high-resolution photo to determine the finishing order. Can also be used to easily identify competitors who have not fitted a transponder – can work as a standalone system or fully integrated within the timing system.

TV Graphics

Motorsport Timing UK uses the powerful APEX software to generate TV streaming graphics instantly from the timing data being collected on circuit.

Race Director Tablet

A simple and easy to use interface for controlling the start lights via a LED scoreboard and linked directly to the timing system. The Race Director Tablet allows an official to control the flow of racing via the start lights along with issuing any penalty or warning flags.

Live Timing

Follow the action on circuit from any web browser via our live timing page. We push live sector and lap times for every passing we receive on circuit instantly so you can follow the racing closer than ever.

Local Intranet

Often race circuits are located away from good 4G network coverage, at Motorsport Timing we install a local mesh network so that spectators and teams can still view live timing and download results if they are unable to connect their device to the internet.


The time base of the entire system. Motorsport Timing UK use Thermo-compensated quartz timers which provide a time base accurate to 100,000th of a second and use GPS to guarantee highly accurate results.

Integration for Stewards, Scrutineering, Race Secretary, Camera Control

As well as timers, we also know a thing or two about good networking around the venue, giving access to the relevant sections of the competitor and results databases to Stewards, Scrutineering, Race Secretary & Camera Control. With built in tools for race officials, decisions can be made efficiently and effectively.

Digital LED panels

All-in-one track displays providing clear visual indication of circuit conditions, driver warnings and instructions instantly whilst continuously logging all interactions – streamlining events and improving safety.

Large LED screen

Turn race day into a true entertainment spectacle with a large LED screen. Traditionally used to display race timing data and adverts in between track sessions.

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