Set on the west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond, Anglesey Circuit provides visitors with a challenging and exciting circuit in a breathtaking location.

With its remarkably smooth surface and a minimum width of 12 metres, the circuit is an outstanding venue for amateurs and professionals alike. Spectators can enjoy vantage points, including the elevated position above the Corkscrew, Peel and Rocket complex. Whether your preference is for two or four wheels, Anglesey Circuit will have something to offer.

Circuit overview

Anglesey diagram
Circuit length

International GP - 3.37 km

Coastal - 2.49 km

National - 1.93 km

Club - 1.28 km

Pole position

Motorcycles - Right

Sidecars - Right

Cars - Left


5YT, A4080, Ty Croes LL63 5TF

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04 - 05 June 2022

Round 3 - Anglesey

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club



04 - 05 September 2021

Round 6 - Anglesey

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club



06 - 07 July 2019

Round 4

Classic Racing Motorcycle Club

Anglesey Circuit

There are currently no upcoming events for this circuit.